january 2014

    Company founded

    INTERCODEC becomes a supplier of video conferencing and audio conferencing solutions and consultancy firm focused on the optimization and implementation of complete business processes.

  • INTERCODEC | videokonference

    february 2014

    Videoconferencing division

    INTERCODEC | videokonference specializes in video conferencing and videoconferencing solutions.

  • INTERCODEC | salesforce

    june 2014

    Business consulting division (Salesforce)

    INTERCODEC | salesforce division focuses on the development, consulting and implementation of Salesforce CRM, subsequent support and consulting business processes.

  • INTERCODEC | edu

    september 2014

    INTERCODEC | edu division

    INTERCODEC | edu works on the preparation and implementation of courses and trainings for adults. We help companies analyze the developmental and educational areas, mapping potential of employees, prepares and implements tailor-made courses.

  • INTERCODEC 2 years

    january 2016

    INTERCODEC celebrates 2 years

    In January 2016 we celebrated 2 years of improving business processes, training sales teams and managers, implementing Salesforce CRM... basically doing what we love the best way we can do. It all ended up with happy customers :)


Chotěšovská 680/1,
Praha - Letňany,
PSČ 190 00

Tel.: +420 720 575 755
E-mail: info@intercodec.cz

Billing information

Chotěšovská 680/1,
Praha - Letňany,
PSČ 190 00

ID: 02582589
TAX ID: CZ02582589

Zapsaná u MS Praha, sp. zn. C 220990

Bank info: RB 7960550001 / 5500

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