SkyMinder for Salesforce documentation


What is SkyMinder for Salesforce?

  • Salesforce app enabling enhancement of existing customer data through integration with SkyMinder.
  • SkyMinder is a data source that collects data from companies all around the globe.
  • SkyMinder for Salesforce allows users to collect all available information from SkyMinder directly into Salesforce and display the data in relation to (clients) Accounts.
  • Effectively, quickly and reliably, businesses can verify their customers within a few seconds.
  • Big benefit of SkyMinder for Salesforce is ability to monitor changes in given entities (customers).
    • Change of name, headquarters, financial problems, etc.
  • Thanks to this application it is possible to:
    • Generate Salesforce notifications, such as alerts to changes in the subject.
    • Send regular reports to Salesforce users to monitor important economic aspects of the customer.
    • Import customer data directly into Salesforce.

Getting started

After installing SkyMinder for Salesforce, you need to:

  • On SkyMinder Setup page enter your Login credentials (only one login credentials for the whole connection at this time).
  • Endpoint is set to "Production".
  • Insert Countries with custom parameters from SkyMinder. Used to determine which Countries have which solutions available.
  • Schedule Full Monitoring - creates Scheduled Job for the future Monitorings at a selected time.

Right after successful login, you can assign "SkyMinder for Salesforce" Permission Set to users who will be using the app.

Then you can enhance your layouts with SkyMinder for Salesforce fields and related lists. All of our fields are listed in SkyMinder Slim Reports and SkyMinder Credit Reports.

  • Main page of SkyMinder for Salesforce containing all the important information.
  • Main column
    • Contains Getting started
    • instructions.
    • Release Notes. Terms & Conditions.
    • Support.
  • Right column
    • Login form for SkyMinder user access.
    • Insert countries - ability to insert country list with parameters maintained by SkyMinder.
    • Schedule Full Monitoring - ability to setup Scheduled Jobs for retrieving active Monitoring data.

SkyMinder Slim Reports

  • Basic functionality of SkyMinder for Salesforce.
  • Under Account object, after you create record with Account Name and Billing Country, you can ask SkyMinder for Salesforce to populate Slim Report fields with data.
  • Then you can retrieve Slim Report (if available) via “SkyMinder” button on the right upper side.
  • You'll use “Get Company List” button to be able to choose from available companies based on Account Name.
  • After you choose the correct company, you can retrieve Slim Report data from SkyMinder.
  • If you want to update Slim Report data, you can. It's possible again via “SkyMinder” > "Get Report List" > "Slim Report - Add Report" button.
  • SkyMinder Data and sources

SkyMinder Credit Reports

  • Same way as you can retrieve Slim Report, you're able to ask for Buy/Order Now Credit Report.
  • Under Account object, after you create record with Account Name and Billing Country, you can ask SkyMinder for Salesforce to populate Credit Report fields with data.
  • SkyMinder solutions overview - Credit Report
  • Buy Now:
    • Immediately populates Credit Report fields.
    • Immediately populates Credit Report fields.
    • We can setup Monitoring on this kind of Credit Report.
  • Order Now:
    • When ordering report, most of the mandatory fields are populated automatically (if not empty) from Account record. The rest must be populated by the user.
    • After user (who asked to start Monitoring) receives notification from SkyMinder, anyone can retrieve the Credit Report.
    • Sometimes if you ask for a fresh investigation, the Credit Report comes in a form of PDF, which we can save to the Account record into Salesforce Files.

SkyMinder Monitoring

  • Monitoring can be currently turned on after there's delivered Credit Report on the Account record.
  • Then there's an indicator if the Monitoring is On/Off.
  • Afterwards we're periodically asking SkyMinder for changes on the company based on your Scheduled Job time schedule settings.
  • Updated Credit Report data are stored directly under Account Record, individual changes are stored within SkyMinder Monitoring and SkyMinder Changes objects.
  • You can then monitor what and when changed in the company information (change of Company name, headquarters, financial problems, etc.).
  • SkyMinder solutions overview - Monitoring


1What to do if I have technical question or encounter a technical problem?
Contact us on, INTERCODEC team will reach out to you as soon as possible.
2What to do if I have licensing or SkyMinder questions in general?
Contact us on, SkyMinder team will reach out to you as soon as possible.